We would like to invite you to Saltburn Spiritualist Church.  A very warm welcome awaits you.

Spiritualism is the belief that after death there is continuity of personality and the power to communicate with the living.

Spiritualist philosophy is based upon information communicated from the Spirit World.  An example being the Seven Principles of Spiritualism which were derived from the communication of Emma Hardinge Britten with the spirit of Robert Owen in 1871.

Spiritualism strives to investigate the phenomena of communication between the two worlds, in order to improve our understanding of mortality.  In basic terms there is no death.  And if we fear death, then the knowledge that we cannot die brings comfort.

The reasoning of Spiritualist philosophy can help us change the way i which we see the physical world.  In all religion there is an element of faith, but a Spiritualist can discover the evidence for themselves, so that faith becomes knowledge.


Take life in hand & hold it dear,
And not because of death you fear,
Live to love and love to live,
And Spirit shall compassion give,
Keep your loves ones in your heart,
And death  will not keep you apart,
In faith we find a peace of mind,
A message to those left behind,
For what is here upon this earth,
We fight and crave to get our worth,
In  time we all will learn to see,
What's materialist is temporary,
For love can open any door,
We talk again as once before,
The Spirit World is close tonight,
To give you all their love and light.


  • Divine Services


    Divine Services  Saturdays at 7pm


    25TH       Jan Anderson


     1st         Alan Skerrit & Linda Farley

     8th          Vanessa Simpson

    15th        Paul Maul

    22nd        Jane Atkinson

    24th         AGM

    29th         Lisa Halligan




    7TH          Sharon Hall

    14th         Donna Bell

    21st         Michelle Mosely

    28th         Development Class




     4TH         Rosemary Sladden

    11th & 13th           CLOSED  FOR BANK HOLIDAY

    18th         Elaine Sommerville & Davy Jones

    25th         Andrew Walker




    2nd & 4th              CLOSED FOR BANK HOLIDAY

     9th          Kelly Bowdeen

    16th         Barbara Bradley

    23rd & 25th           CLOSED FOR BANK HOLIDAY

    30th         Rodney Hewitt




     1st          William & Shirley Hunter

     6th          Melanie Blythe

    13th         Dawn Stevenson

    20th         Karen Wood  tbc

    27th         Andy Fusion


      Monday evenings unless there is a special.   Healing is held at 6.30 with SNU accredited healers, followed by Open Circle at 7pm.  Development Group at 8.45pm
    February 10th Elaine Sommerville & Davy Jones

    March 27th Charity Night for “Inward Bound”

    Ian Anderson & Friends
    April 6th Paul Maul

    May 11th Alan Skerrit & Linda Farley

    June 1st William & Shirley Hunter


    May we gather together with other spiritually like minded persons to congregate in love & faith. To share in the belief of God and knowledge.  To promote Healing & Spiritual communication through prayer and meditationWE HAVE MOVED PREMISES

  • Our Hopes & Dreams

    Put away all worldly things my children, only pure nature can teach you the truth of the world

    We all need to group as one, share our food, share our knowledge, share warmth and respect for each other’s wishes. 

    We need to save many from extinction and also discrimination also oppression of some.

    We need compassion, we need love, we need the magic of our beautiful planet

    To be a wolf on our earth means to bare your teeth at those you feel is an enemy.  Is it better to be a wolf for a short time; rather than a sheep forever.  The answer will always be yes if this would achieve your aim in life.

    If only we could walk together, the wolf with the bear, the beaver & other animals taking from the earth and the rivers which are plentiful only what we need to survive. When the snake, the bear and all animals only bite for their own protection and eats only when hungry.  Man also should only take what he needs without waste!! This world will soon be depleted by the ignorance of man.

    To love with each other in Harmony is our greatest wish for many many years, we have wished this only to be disappointed at the lack of kindness and empathy as the human race produces yet another generation with pain and suffering, makes the angels and our ancestors weep.  Too long we wait.

    Walk with us brothers and sisters in the light, cross all boundaries, walk through the waters with the strength of 2 men, show those who are none believers that your endurance to find the truth will never diminish.  Let us walk with you through the darkness, so you can hold hands with many, caressing every soul with your love.   Any act of kindness never goes unnoticed.  The holding of hands in friendship should be never-ending, but breaks are appearing.

    A rush of energy brings completion, but this completion is going to take time in your earthly world.  Time is unimportant here in the spirit world.  Our spirit life is a continuous struggle of making ourselves known to you and a healing of those empty souls of the few.  Take time again to break bread with as many souls as is physically & spiritually possible.

    It is with great joy that we have been able to join with you this evening.  Take our love with you and share amongst those you meet on your way


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The Fatherhood of God
The creative force in the universe, which manifests itself in all things.
The Brotherhood of Man
That we are all interconnected and part of the same family, giving each other mutual support & comfort.
Communion of Spirit & the Ministry of Angels
Spiritualism demonstrates communication with spirits through mediumship; & spiritual assistance through inspiration, teachings and healing ministries.
Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
Our Spirit survives physical death and exists in the Spirit World
Personal Responsibility
We have free will in all our thoughts and deeds, without influence.  We are full responsible for our actions
Compensation & Retribution for all the Good & Evil Deeds Done on Earth
As you sow, so shall you reap
Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul
The path to spiritual understanding is always open to everyone

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Vice President            Marilyn Gibson

Treasurer                    Dawn Clark         Tel No 01642 285088

Secretary                   Linda Finch         Tel No  07947894920
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