We would like to invite you to Saltburn Spiritualist Church.  A very warm welcome awaits you.

Spiritualism is the belief that after death there is continuity of personality and the power to communicate with the living.

Spiritualist philosophy is based upon information communicated from the Spirit World.  An example being the Seven Principles of Spiritualism which were derived from the communication of Emma Hardinge Britten with the spirit of Robert Owen in 1871.

Spiritualism strives to investigate the phenomena of communication between the two worlds, in order to improve our understanding of mortality.  In basic terms there is no death.  And if we fear death, then the knowledge that we cannot die brings comfort.

The reasoning of Spiritualist philosophy can help us change the way i which we see the physical world.  In all religion there is an element of faith, but a Spiritualist can discover the evidence for themselves, so that faith becomes knowledge.


Take life in hand & hold it dear,
And not because of death you fear,
Live to love and love to live,
And Spirit shall compassion give,
Keep your loves ones in your heart,
And death  will not keep you apart,
In faith we find a peace of mind,
A message to those left behind,
For what is here upon this earth,
We fight and crave to get our worth,
In  time we all will learn to see,
What's materialist is temporary,
For love can open any door,
We talk again as once before,
The Spirit World is close tonight,
To give you all their love and light.


  • Divine Services


    On Monday evenings unless there is a special.   Healing is held at 6.30 with SNU accredited healers, followed by Open Circle at 7pm.  Development Group at 8.45pm



    29th        Andrea Dunn DSNU


     6th          Workshop Minister Jackie Wright DSNU (daytime)
     6th         Sharon Hall & Lisa Ellis (evening)
    12th        A special evening of mediumship in aid of Zetland Lifeboat Museum hosting 4 - 6 mediums £5 on the door.  Due to the popularity of this event, places will be numbered, please arrive as early as possible. All proceeds go to the Museum
    13th        Alan Skerritt
    15th        Evening of Mediumship with  Steven Veart
    20th        Rodney Hewitt CSNU
    27th         Donna Bell 


    3rd          Aaron Naughton
    10th        Lisa Halligan
    12th         Evening of Mediumship with Penny Barber CSNU
    17th         Les Henderson CSNU
    24th         Richard Cuthbert OSNU 


    1st           Penny Barber CSNU
    8th           Carol service
    10th         CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS Reopen 5th January 2019

    May we gather together with other spiritually like minded persons to congregate in love & faith. To share in the belief of God and knowledge.  To promote Healing & Spiritual communication through prayer and meditation

    Special Evenings of Mediumship) once a Month
                                    ALL £3 ON THE DOOR   7pm
    On Monday evenings unless there is a special evening of mediumship  
    6.30pm  Healing and 7pm Open Circle

    All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you  and new faces

    Please join  us  we look forward to seeing you all

    Love and Light


    our new address is TOC H, Coach house Albion Terrace Saltburn By The Sea TS12 1JW. 


  • Our Hopes & Dreams


    Change in your life will always be difficult, but change brings completion, you may not agree with this, and no matter how much kicking a screaming you do it will not change the inevitable, your energy is the building block of life and has the ability to vibrate and manifest itself in highs and lows

    You ask yourself am I doing the right thing? but we ask you why do you doubt it so much; it is time to step out of that comfort zone do the things you have wished to do for so long. There is no time limit to improve your existence, everything is a learning experience that you need to do.  Old habits take a long time to throw away, but throw away you must.  Your Energy vibration is of paramount importance because it has a massive effect on how you perform mentally and physically in your life. Energy is fuel on which all of life runs. Without it, your mind and body would deteriorate.  Energy vibrations are always changing their intensities. If you have shifted to a low energy state, it isn’t essentially a bad thing.  It’s just an indication that the path you were travelling on wasn’t meant for you. That’s why you often lack the drive to perform specific tasks.   

     Do not be afraid take our hand and make that large step into the unknown, now you will trust us.  There is much to be achieved not just for yourself but for the benefit of others also. You are going to help put many other souls on their pathway. However, you cannot see this at the moment, but you will… Patience, patience.  Your life so far has been very much a slalom of many obstacles, this path is slowly clearing, embrace it, this is a wonderful thing.

    Our energy sometimes establishes a force of resistance to stop us from doing something we subconsciously dislike. Again it wasn’t the right time. Your Spiritual vibration has a massive impact on your physical well-being. When you are feeling healthy & good about yourself, and functioning at your optimal state, you have an immediate surge of vibrational energy. Sometimes, you feel a wave of motivation lifting your spirits. You feel as if you can accomplish everything if you set your mind to the task at hand. You are not afraid to embark upon daring adventures and take on a tasks that you have a minute chance of successfully completing.  This is now one of those times.

    Harmonious relationships have high vibrational energy. When another soul receives good vibes from you they treat you with affection and care in return.  You have always had much love to give even though they have not worked to your advantage.  Many times you have felt like you made a mistake that ruined  certain relationships but remember if something is meant to be this will still find a way back into your life? 

    You have much still to give, and there are many waiting to receive.  Do not fret over this it is meant to be again embrace the new energy that is coming your way




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The Fatherhood of God
The creative force in the universe, which manifests itself in all things.
The Brotherhood of Man
That we are all interconnected and part of the same family, giving each other mutual support & comfort.
Communion of Spirit & the Ministry of Angels
Spiritualism demonstrates communication with spirits through mediumship; & spiritual assistance through inspiration, teachings and healing ministries.
Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
Our Spirit survives physical death and exists in the Spirit World
Personal Responsibility
We have free will in all our thoughts and deeds, without influence.  We are full responsible for our actions
Compensation & Retribution for all the Good & Evil Deeds Done on Earth
As you sow, so shall you reap
Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul
The path to spiritual understanding is always open to everyone

Contact Details

President                    Jean Rutter         Tel No 01642 486168

Vice President            Marilyn Gibson

Treasurer                    Dawn Clark         Tel No 01642 285088

Secretary                   Linda Finch         Tel No  07947894920
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